with the decline of the Polis as the comprehensive center of social life, each individual felt compelled to secure his/her own happiness in a world in which it was not uncommon to be sent into exile, taken prisoner or sold into slavery according to the whims of Fortuna Capital. the rich seem to want to bring the suburbs into the city. And that’s boring isn’t it?!!! I have sympathy for mankind, misled by the inordinate demands of the soul, longing for expensive pleasures, political power, more. Do not confuse this with pity. Men have been led astray by false opinions about what really brings happiness. Most are unnecessarily afraid of death. It is not a life of ease and indulgence which brings happiness. Those who attack nature are misguided. The body is no longer to blame for human troubles. observe the dog. Since the disease of false opinion affects most people like a plague, I decided to use this column to make a statement for all to see. Besides, their numbers grow; we ought also to think of future generations; we should surely help foreign visitors too. from the fragments of diogenes