Occult Turn


Audio work

Susannah Stark and Hussein Mitha

Read by Déas McMorrow


A collaborative sound sketch combining writing by Hussein Mitha with field recordings and voice samples from operas and acid house music made during the second summer of love, 1988-89.

A day of walking together in Glasgow culminated in a joint tarot reading. The story of the city is told through an allegory about dragon which is made vulnerable by light, questioning ideas from the time of the scottish enlightenment that posed that 'more light' in architecture was equivocal to clarity, politcal transparency and truth.

The serpent is invoked as a reminder of ancient knowledge that is being forgotten, and of the constant ongoing importance of questioning and challenging accepted forms of knowledge, highlighting the commodification of magic as one example. 

This work was orginally created for a symposium 'The Occult Turn' at Glasgow University that took place in September 2018. The symposium featured presentations of research writing and sound exploring the reappearance of and re-interest in the occult in popular culture in the UK in recent times.